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  2. Proud of this one. Shelby now available for iPad, go try it out! 


  3. working.


  4. "You can’t try to do the perfect thing now. If you do, you’ll never do anything. Your anxiety and fear of judgment will stop you every time."


  6. Our first bread making disaster. A good run while it lasted…


  7. "Not every thing you create will be brilliant. But you can be brilliant while still making work that isn’t, particularly if you understand why the work that wasn’t great wasn’t great."
    — Fred Wilson (via http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2014/01/you-are-not-your-work.html)


  9. Feynamn. Genius. 



    Richard Feynman, everybody.

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    Available in animated form, too. Drink it up:


  10. Not a bagel, not challah. Just a bunch of random bread!